Yoga bag Proud Peacock
Yoga bag Proud Peacock

Yoga bag Proud Peacock

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About this product
Indispensable for every Yogi! This colorful yoga bag is made of a sturdy fabric and has a tube shape, which makes it easy to carry your yoga mat. Choose comfort and style and distinguish yourself with our unique prints.
The small extra pocket is also handy for your key or smartphone. The yoga bag fits a rolled up yoga mat with a maximum length of 70 cm and a maximum diameter of 14 cm.

We are Maame Tumi
A brand with unique, colorful and handmade products. By purchasing our products you support Ghanaian women to build a financially independent life. 

Made by the women of Tumi Ghana
With every purchase you support the women of Tumi Ghana towards financial independence. Read more about it here the makers.

71 cm high, 22 cm wide, 14 cm diameter | 16 liter capacity

100% cotton


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