About us

We are Maame Tumi  

A brand with unique, colorful and handmade products. By purchasing our products, you support Ghanaian women to build a financially independent life. 

Unique and fair products 

Maame Tumi offers unique products because:

  • all products are handmade.
  • all products are made of special and colorful prints.
  • a maximum of 12 items can be made from each print.

Maame Tumi offers fair trade products because:  

  • all products are made by Ghanaian women who receive a fair wage.
  • with your purchase these Ghanaian women can build a financially independent life for themselves and their children.

Fair trade
At Maame Tumi, our main goal is to create well-paid work for women in Ghana. They get paid per item they sew, which means they can earn well above average wages. 

The fabrics of all products are purchased on the market in Kumasi in Ghana, which is the largest market in West Africa. The fabrics are purchased from local market women so that we can be sure that the money ends up well and not with a large trader. Many prints only appear once and if they do come back, we never know when. So, in love with that one print? Be quick! 

All our products are handmade. From drawing the pattern, to cutting the fabric and then stitching each product together. This means that no product is 100% the same. This makes our products unique. 

The logo of Maame Tumi

"Maame" means woman and "Tumi" means strength in the local Twi language. The logo above the words 'Maame Tumi' comes from the West African (Adinkra) symbol which stands for independence.
For example, Maame Tumi tells the story of 'powerful women', the makers of our products, who can become financially independent through our sales. Also a nice link to our partner Tumi Ghana; the Women Empowerment project in Kumasi.