In other words: thank you in the local Ghanaian language. Thank you for ordering from us and thus not only bringing a unique product into your home, but also contributing to the independence of the makers of our products; the women of Tumi Ghana. 

Because we are super happy that you chose us and we hope you are just as happy with your purchase, we are happy to offer you the chance to win one of our handmade items. Make a chance?

1. Take a nice picture of your item purchased from us. We are curious how the cushion cover looks on your couch, how the flags hang, or how the shopper or the mouth cap complete your outfit; 
2. Post this photo on Facebook or Instagram (post or stories);
3. Tag ons (@maametumi); 
4. Thumbs up!

Every month we raffle one of our items, so stay tuned!
ps. Don't have your profile set to public? Then send us a private message with a screenshot of your post, otherwise we won't see you participate. 


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