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Christmas 2023

Personalised Christmas gifts 

Give a truly unique Christmas gift to your employees this year?

Put together your own package with products from our partner Tumi Ghana! All products can be developed in your own chosen print and it is even possible to develop your own product especially for your company.

And while your employees receive a unique gift, at the same time you are contributing to the independence of the women who lovingly make everything for Tumi in Ghana.

On our website you can see what our current offerings are in terms of products. However, much more is possible; the women of Tumi Ghana learn by doing. In this way we can develop a guaranteed unique product for your company. 

Want to know more? Feel free to inquire about the possibilities at info@maametumi.com 
ps. Maame Tumi is the partner that sells the products that the women of Tumi Ghana make with love. The team behind the webshop consists entirely of volunteers. 
Do you want to know more about Tumi Ghana? Check out deze website